Join Reese, Estelle and the rest of the paintbrushes in the second adventure in the “One Big Canvas” book series.

The paintbrushes are back! Their grand masterpiece finished, the paintbrushes excitedly await the arrival of their friend Clay, who is coming by for a visit. Loud and brash, Clay arrives with exuberance, but when a few of the brushes start acting differently, he needs to be reminded that it’s important to be accepting:

“Some brushes are different, so we like to remind, it’s kind to be caring, so take care to be kind.”

Will Clay leave in frustration, or will he learn to mold his thinking as he comes to understand and accept that brushes have different abilities and challenges?

Without ever mentioning any particular disability by name, The Molding of Clay helps children recognize and understand autism and impress upon them the importance of showing kindness to those who are different – all wrapped into a fun story with lighthearted, engaging characters.  Written by best-selling children’s book author Jay Miletsky and illustrated by Luis Peres as a follow up to The Masterpiece, The Molding of Clay was developed in collaboration with REED Academy clinical advisors, Kelli Fowler, Clinical Director, and Joe Novak, Director of Curriculum and Technology.

The Molding of Clay was made possible in part by a grant from the Columbia Bank Foundation. “The Columbia Bank Foundation is proud to have funded the REED Foundation for Autism and The Molding of Clay,” said Thomas J. Kemly, President and CEO of Columbia Bank. “Our goal is to make a difference in as many people’s lives as we can and do our part to help make our communities better and stronger. Helping kids recognize and understand autism from a young age is a critical factor in promoting acceptance. It is our hope that this children’s book will reinforce this important message in a fun, creative way.”

The “One Big Canvas” series is funded in part through a grant from the Special Child Health and Autism Registry, New Jersey Department of Health.

All proceeds from the “One Big Canvas” book series benefit the REED Foundation for Autism. Purchase your copy on today.