The paintbrushes are back, as they welcome their friend Clay for a visit from across the art studio! Their grand masterpiece finished, the paintbrushes excitedly await the arrival of Clay, who is coming by for a visit. Loud and brash, Clay arrives with exuberance, but quickly becomes confused and dismayed when some of the paintbrushes begin to exhibit some unusual behavior. But as he realizes it’s not simply a matter of misbehaving, Clay molds himself – not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.
Written by Jay Miletsky and illustrated by Luis Peres as a follow up to The Masterpiece, this story focuses on helping people understand, recognize, and accept their peers with autism, without ever mentioning any particular challenge or disability. Pre-order your copy on Amazon today! All proceeds from the “One Big Canvas” book series benefit the REED Foundation for Autism.