Dear Friend,

Few things make me happier than walking into our new Early Intervention Clinic at REED Academy.

Small faces and tiny voices fill our clinic that is packed with bright toys and games as clinicians work one on one with our littlest learners – it just makes me smile. Early Intervention at REED Academy provides services for children ages 3 and under, so that they can reach their fullest potential socially and academically.

We are so thrilled to extend our services to our youngest population. As a continued supporter, I want to THANK YOU for helping to make the Early Intervention program and many other significant programs like speech and our service dog, Myrtle – to name only a few – become realities at REED Academy and the REED Foundation for Autism.

We are so grateful to you during this holiday season and throughout the year.

The needs of the autism community only keep rising, so your support is vital as we continually expand our services. The most recent reports from the CDC show the incidence of autism is 1 in 41 in New Jersey – the highest in the country – and 1 in 68 nationally. There are more than 3.5 million people living on the autism spectrum in the U.S. and all of them deserve quality support.

Here is what your tax-deductible donation can help us provide:

  • $25 towards new tricycles
  • $50 towards new iPads
  • $100 towards new SMART Boards
  • $250 towards new vehicles
  • $500 towards our new adult program


You can make so much good happen by giving to the Foundation’s programs that support our tiniest learners to our older students getting ready to enter our future adult program. From small items like tricycles and iPads to big items like SMART Boards and new vehicles that transport our students into the community – every dollar makes a difference. No gift is too small.

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I hope you will continue your commitment to the families we serve and their loved ones with an autism diagnosis by making a generous gift to the REED Foundation for Autism.

Each and every child in our care means the world to us, and we are deeply thankful for your generosity. Your gift today makes a big difference tomorrow and every day!
With Gratitude,

Jill Nadison
Executive Director/CEO